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We understand that compensation cases can become an expensive undertaking and that you may be reluctant to pursue action because of the cost. Here at Soul Legal in Perth, we think you should pursue every bone-fide claim, regardless of the cost, which is why we continue to offer our No Win -No Fee guarantee.


Suppose you have suffered an injury arising from an assault or an accident through the negligence of another party. In that case, you may be able to claim compensation for pain and suffering, loss of earnings, the costs of medical bills, home help, and other financial loss.


Under the provisions of the Workers Compensation & Injury Management Act, if you have sustained injuries from the course of employment, you are entitled to compensation. Soul Legal Lawyers implemented this fee structure to ensure people like you can fight for your legal rights in personal injury compensation matters. We promise that we will only charge a fee if you win your case. 


We will assist with your claim from day one by deferring our professional fees and expenses until the successful resolution of your matter. This fee deferral will allow you to relax while our team of experienced lawyers pursues your claim. With over 75+ years of legal experience, our team will ensure you receive the compensation entitled to you.


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What does No Win - No Fee mean?

In most cases, No Win – No Fee means that we will pay all running costs associated with your claim until its resolution. A successful conclusion of your matter or a “win” is when you recover money from your opponent/defendant. This may include legal costs and expenses awarded to you during claim proceedings, at trial, or in any settlement. If Soul Legal investigates your personal injury matter and believes you have a legitimate case, we won’t ask you for payment until the successful conclusion of your matter. That’s our Perth No Win – No Fee lawyers “Guarantee.”

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Understanding the No Win – No Fee agreement.

You must understand that the No Win – No Fee policy is a conditional agreement containing legally binding rules to protect you as the claimant and us as lawyers. Some law firms offer variations on the no win/no fee theme, such as charging excessive research fees and other legal costs, regardless of claim outcomes. 


These other expenses, called outlay fees, are covered by Soul Legal’s No Win – No Fee policy, which means you won’t need to pay anything until your claim is successful. Outlay fees typically cover research and investigation and may include:


  • Organising examinations with medical experts.
  • Securing copies of medical records.
  • Obtaining Police records.
  • Obtaining Witness statements.
  • Collating other relevant evidence.


Soul Legal helps you to maximise your claims by understanding the merits of your case and which documents are necessary for you to gather in support of your claim.

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Why do lawyers offer a No Win – No Fee agreement?

Before agreeing to work on your matter, Soul Legal offers comprehensive consultation. We use this consultation to ascertain the viability of your claim and will only move forward with legal action if we think your case has the potential for a positive outcome. We won’t waste your time or money if we don’t think you can win. We offer our No Win – No Fee agreement to those people who don’t have the money in the bank to purse further action.


By offering a, No Win – No Fee guarantee, Soul Legal helps those who wouldn’t otherwise have the financial resources available to make a claim. Our team of compensation experts will get started immediately and work efficiently to bring you the best result possible.

But how does the No Win - No Fee policy work?

If you have suffered a personal injury and want to make a claim but don’t have the finances to pursue an action, Soul Legal’s No Win – No Fee agreement will put your mind at ease. With Soul Legal Personal Injury Lawyers, payment isn’t an obstacle during legal proceedings. 


We get paid when the case is complete. Therefore, we don’t get paid if you don’t get paid. Please remember that if you lose your case, a court may order you to pay the costs of other side. When determining our fees, we consider several factors, including:


  • The time and labour involved in examining the matter
  • Your chosen lawyer’s level of experience
  • The limitations or restrictions affecting case outcomes

The relationship specifics between you and your lawyer

When will you tell me if my claim is eligible for a No Win - No Fee agreement?

Soul Legal has extensive experience in assisting clients in pursuing compensation claims. Our lawyers are all qualified in their specialist fields, which allows us to accurately ascertain your chances of compensation. We will be upfront and honest about your claim and let you know as soon as possible. Your free consultation is an easy way to get your claim underway.

Soul Legal will help you get your claim accepted

At Soul Legal, we offer our No Win – No Fee service in workers’ compensation claims in Perth, WA, to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. We want you to receive the best possible compensation settlement for your specific situation. With over 75+ years combined experience, Soul

Legal is your No Win – No Fee lawyer in Perth.



If you have made a claim for compensation or need to dispute a WorkCover claim, contact one of our Workplace Injury Lawyers at Soul Legal today.


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At Soul Legal, we will assess your case, and if we think your situation has sufficient merit, we will offer you a No Win – No Fee* arrangement. Why? Because we think everyone with a legitimate claim should pursue compensation.


We offer this in Motor Vehicle ClaimsWorkers Compensation ClaimsCriminal Injuries Compensation ClaimsPublic Liability, and Product Liability Claims. 


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