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What Are The Major Causes of Car Accidents in Australia?

vehicle accidents

The recent fatal motor vehicle accident in Mindarie is just the latest car crash across Western Australia. In April this year, the Australian Government reported that road fatalities had spiked 2.7% in the last 12 months. This increase is the most significant spike since 2018 and shows how dangerous our roads can be. While there … Read more

Worker Compensation For People Working From Home

work from home compensation

The impact of COVID-19 continues to ripple through different industries and infrastructures. The massive shift towards employees working from home meant that thousands of people were suddenly in their homes, performing their roles to the best of their abilities. The move to an agile and mobile workforce raised questions about Workers’ Compensation and how location … Read more

The Complete Guide To Stress Related Workers’ Compensation Claims

toxic work environment written in note

Seeking the input of experienced workers compensation lawyers in Perth is the smart move when initiating a workers’ compensation stress claim. Having the Soul Legal team on your side makes the claims journey a smoother process than navigating the system alone. You should consider getting advice about whether to make a claim as soon as … Read more

Do I Really Need A Lawyer To Write A Will?


Consulting a Soul Legal lawyer in regards to your will helps reduce the risk of loved ones facing a potentially stressful and legally complicated estate distribution or dispute after you’re gone. Over 150,000 Australian deaths were registered in 2018, according to a report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, but it’s believed around … Read more

Getting a No Win No Fee Lawyer

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If worried about funding the legal cost of your claim, choosing a no win no fee lawyer could be the perfect answer.  As Perth’s trusted personal injury lawyers, Soul Legal has the knowledge that comes from decades of combined experience to confidently provide no win no fee representation—meaning we get paid, when you win. What … Read more