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Common Mistakes People Make After a Personal Injury

Experiencing an unexpected personal injury can be overwhelming, and making informed decisions during this time is crucial. Regrettably, many individuals fall into the trap of making common errors that can negatively affect their case. Being aware of these potential pitfalls is key to ensuring your case is not jeopardized. Read on to learn about the … Read more

Why Should I Hire A Worker Compensation Lawyer?

female worker personal injury compensation claim

Workplace accidents and injuries can be life-changing events, affecting not only the physical and emotional well-being of employees but also the financial stability of employers. In such unfortunate situations, navigating the complex world of workers’ compensation claims can be a daunting task. This is where the expertise of a workers’ compensation lawyer becomes invaluable.  A … Read more

What Kind Of Cases Do Car Accident Lawyers Handle?

Two Angry Motorists Arguing Over Responsibility For Car Accident

Car accidents are a frequent occurrence on the roads, and when they happen, they often lead to a myriad of legal complications. This is where car accident lawyers come into play. These legal professionals specialise in handling cases related to automobile accidents, providing invaluable assistance to individuals seeking compensation or legal redress.  Car accident lawyers … Read more

How To Choose The Right Car Accident Lawyer For Your Case?

Compulsory Third-Party Insurance

Should you have suffered a personal injury as a result of a motor vehicle collision, it’s highly likely that you’ll need the expertise of a car accident injury lawyer to assist you. Securing the right road incident attorney is integral in successfully obtaining the compensation claim you are rightfully entitled to. Identifying the right legal … Read more

Differences Between A Workers’ Compensation Claim And A Work Injury Damages Matter

injured worker

Our lawyers regularly field inquiries regarding the difference between worker’s compensation claims and work injury damages matters. Let’s dive into the two subjects and look at how a comparison between the two. Worker’s Compensation Claims Typically, work injuries sustained in a WA workplace require recovering compensation from the workers’ compensation insurer. Compensation usually entails weekly … Read more

Workplace Health and Safety Reforms 2022 – What You Need To Know

workplace health and safety

Western Australia has finalised its occupational health and safety (OHS) reform, including new laws and legislation. The reform came into effect on March 31 this year and now aligns Western Australia with the rest of the country, allowing national consistency. The Act replaces the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 (WA) (OSH Act) and some … Read more