What Are The Major Causes of Car Accidents in Australia?

The recent fatal motor vehicle accident in Mindarie is just the latest car crash across Western Australia. In April this year, the Australian Government reported that road fatalities had spiked 2.7% in the last 12 months. This increase is the most significant spike since 2018 and shows how dangerous our roads can be. While there is no doubt that speed is the number one cause of car accidents in Australia, let’s dig into some other significant causes.


Speed is the number one cause of car accidents in Australia. Driving over the speed limit can result in you:

  • Losing control of the vehicle.
  • Increasing your braking distance, reducing your ability to avoid collision
  • decreasing your reaction time to sudden changes on the road
  • exposing yourself and passengers to undue road accident risks and possibly severe damage and injuries.


Alcohol affects your ability to control movement. It also dulls your reflexes and interferes with proper eye coordination, leading to miscalculations and reckless driving. 

Failing to give way

You can cause an accident by failing to give way:

  • At intersections when traffic lights are faulty, or there is no stop sign or give way sign
  • When pedestrians rush to cross the road as traffic lights flash yellow
  • When there is a clear give-way sign
  • When you are changing lanes

Failing to give way can endanger your life and those of others.

Driver fatigue

Driving when tired is like driving under the influence of alcohol. Fatigue significantly affects your reaction time and awareness of road hazards and traffic signs.

Driver distraction

If you are texting, talking, looking at your mobile phone, or dealing with crying children while driving, your attention shifts from the road and everything around you. If you’re distracted, you can miss traffic signs, so you risk colliding with another vehicle, an object on the road, or a pedestrian.

Vehicle Defects

Defective brakes, bald tyres, a faulty ignition switch, or wheel alignment issues can all contribute to causing a fatal car accident. Ensure you service your car regularly to avoid problems.

Road Safety

Use these tips to stay safe when driving:

  • Obey the speed limit and drive to the weather and road conditions
  • Use your turn signals
  • Wear a seatbelt
  • Stop at red lights
  • Wait until your engine is off before using your phone
  • Don’t drive tired
  • Leave room between you and the car in front to reduce the risk of a rear-end collision.

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