How Can A Dash Cam Impact My Car Accident Claim?

If you are the victim of a car accident and want to claim compensation, a dashboard camera (dashcam) could be the difference between you receiving a payout or not. While medical records, police reports, photos, and other information are essential pieces of evidence for a car accident claim, video footage could irrefutably capture critical moments before and after an accident. An insurance company is unlikely to deny a car accident claim when faced with video footage.

How dash cams can help you with your car accident claim

Dashcams can also help you avoid being held liable for an accident when you’re not at fault, as they could function as “witnesses” to the incident. This footage can end ‘he said, she said’ arguments in court and possibly end up being a critical part of proving fault in motor vehicle collisions. Dashcams may also inadvertently capture images of hit-and-run drivers, making compensation a more straightforward process for any injured parties.

If your dashcam records an incident, we encourage you to share the footage with the Police to help them in their inquiries.   

What to Look for in a Dash Cam 

There are a few essential details you should look for in your vehicle dashcam. 

  • Make sure that the camera captures clear video. The aim is to capture license plate details. Correct recording of license plate numbers can be critical for identifying hit-and-run drivers.
  • Make sure that the dashcam performs in dark lighting. Acceptable night performance is a must to capture any accidents after dark.
  • Make sure you buy a camera that turns off and on with the operation of your vehicle, so you don’t miss important events due to a flat battery.

Call the Police

In Western Australia, the driver of a vehicle must report a traffic crash to the Police if:

  • The accident resulted in bodily harm to any person
  • The total value of property damage to all parties exceeds $3,000
  • The owner or representative of any damaged property is not present.

Even if the accident is minor and there is very little damage, complete an online police report. If you fail to do so in WA, you may have issues making a personal injury claim. Save and print the online police report as your car accident lawyers in Perth will want a copy. Complete the report online at crashreport.com.au.

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