Assisting Every Soul With Dignity and Respect

Specialising in compensation law claims in a variety of fields, Soul Legal co-founders, partners and directors Rebecca Sorgiovanni and Kevin Wong believe their firm offers a degree of services with a unique people-orientated approach.

“Our lawyers are compassionate and approachable ordinary people with a genuine heart to help those in adversity through injury,” they said.

“Our team specialise in car accident injuries, workers compensation claims, victims of crime, injuries from faulty products, public place injury claims, medical negligence and income protection.”

Differentiating themselves on a unique client focused approach, the team at Soul Legal see you more as a person, with tools at their disposal to assist you throughout the entirety of your claim.

“We put the law at the service of our clients with a high level of unparalleled service,” they said.

“We are not a profit driven legal practice with KPI’s and quotas, meaning we go above and beyond for our clients.”

Offering an accessible approach, Mr Wong said that due to their unique process at Soul Legal, clients were not treated as a number on a page, but rather than a unique client with an individualised problem.

“To many other firms, you are just a number on a spreadsheet, however with our company, this is never the case,” he said.

“For those who are already injured, who are vulnerable, or who have suffered a significant loss, we see the importance of the soul in every individual, and treat our clients with the dignity and respect they deserve.”

With a strong client focus, Mr Wong also claimed how Soul Legal have a high success rate for their clients, seeing great results across the wide variety of cases they handle.

Priding themselves on their soul focus, the company also were always willing to accommodate any unique requirements for its clients, such as anonymous claims or difficult circumstances.

“We spend time advising people who call us for person injury advice even if they want to remain anonymous,” Ms Sorgiovanni said.

“We are always more than happy if we can make a difference in people’s lives with legal knowledge we impart.”

Source: The West Australian

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