Getting a No Win No Fee Lawyer

If worried about funding the legal cost of your claim, choosing a no win no fee lawyer could be the perfect answer. 

As Perth’s trusted personal injury lawyers, Soul Legal has the knowledge that comes from decades of combined experience to confidently provide no win no fee representation—meaning we get paid, when you win.

What is a no win no fee lawyer?

We know the financial pressure of legal service fees can deter people from pursuing a claim. Rather than seeing possible clients miss out on significant gains, Soul Legal offers no win no fee arrangements.

No win no fee means you won’t be required to pay legal fees prior to settlement. Our team understands removing the worry of ongoing financial outlay can make the claims process significantly less stressful.

How does this no win no fee representation work?

Offering a no win no fee contract option means we’re confident in our ability as lawyers, putting the majority of our income on the line so you can have ease of mind engaging us, knowing we’ll fight hard for your claim.

What are the advantages?

The most attractive aspect of hiring a no win no fee lawyer, is that the payout of legal costs outlined in the agreement only comes into effect when your case is won, and settlement has been made.

A no win no fee agreement means you can rest assured we’ll help make sure you secure all necessary evidence, bolstered by the knowledge we’re invested in your success.

What are the qualifications?

Were you hurt on private property? A victim of medical negligence, or crime? Involved in a car accident? Attacked by an animal? Injured while working? Made sick by a faulty product? Wounded after slipping on a damaged surface?

At Soul Legal a wide array of cases can be considered as applicable for No Win No Fee representation, which is why we offer a free no obligation claims assessment of your personal injury claim.

How can Soul Legal help?

There are many situations where a personal injury claim is applicable, and worth pursuing. Our reputation as premium Perth no win no fee lawyers is earned. Trust us to make that call. 

Our expert lawyers have spent years representing people across the community. We’re passionate about getting you the compensation you deserve, and will answer all your questions, every step of the way.

Let us assess the situation

Our firm offers a free initial assessment, meaning it won’t cost to test the waters. If applicable, a Soul Legal team member will clearly explain our no win no fee agreement, so there are no surprises at a later date.

We always provide personal, thoughtful, and trustworthy care. Referrals matter, and we work hard to maintain our exceptional standing in Western Australia. Soul Legal lawyers looks forward to helping you!

Nervous about the ongoing costs of making a claim? Have you considered engaging a no win no fee lawyer? Read about how Soul Legal can help you here!

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