How to get the maximum compensation

Been involved in a car accident? Avoid common pitfalls during the claims process.

Soul Legal helps West Australians minimise the stress associated with a car accident compensation claim. As Perth motor vehicle injury lawyers, we understand your worries.

Being unfamiliar with the process, you risk making choices that may cost you. Our team works hard to ensure proper compensation is accessed. Below are points that can impact the final settlement.

Deciding if you have a valid claim

Soul Legal offers a free no obligation claims assessment. You can make a claim as a pedestrian or cyclist, as well as a driver or passenger if injured in a car-related incident—on or off the road. If uncertain, please reach out.

When special circumstances apply

Did you know being financially reliant on someone who passed away in an accident, also makes you eligible? Legal counsel is the best way to know where you stand, in terms of potential compensation.

Who is responsible?

An injured individual is usually either blameless, partially to blame, or to blame. This clarification can impact the compensation portion. Being responsible usually cancels a claim, but not always.

The complexities of partial blame

You may be partially responsible due to ignoring a safety element i.e. your seatbelt. Partial blame can be allocated in percentages. If you feel disproportionately blamed, consult our experienced Perth car accident lawyers.

What impacts compensation?

Prioritising burden of proof. If possible, record evidence at the scene, and contact details of witnesses. Visit a GP immediately, and have follow up visits that record late onset symptoms.

Take into account your financial future

Under-estimating the professional, personal, short-term and long-term effects on your life from the accident may cost you later on. Be aware experts can have varying opinions on these points.

Approaching the medical process with caution

In regards to medical, we recommend consulting your car accident lawyer as to what is obligated by law, and what actions are optional. This includes choice of specialists, and recuperation procedures.

Don’t rush, we’re here to help

Avoid saying yes under pressure. Always check first that agreement is in your best interests. Check with your lawyer regarding the worth of sourcing alternate medical opinions.

Know what can be claimed

Are you clear on what exactly can be claimed? It can include:

  • Income you are losing during recovery, and future income loss.
  • Medical expenses, spanning initial treatment and the rehabilitation program, as well as travel expenses pertaining to these appointments.
  • Pain and suffering that impacts your quality of life.
  • Assistance in your home, or modifications required as a result of injury.

Optics are important

A photo of a claimant participating in any activity that questions an injury, will likely reduce your final settlement. The pain might be extreme, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

Monitor your online presence

Social media poses a possible risk. These platforms are a form of documentation. Insisting movement is painful, only to be tagged in numerous locations across a weekend, may damage your claim.

The challenges involved – why you need an experienced lawyer

Without a quality car accident lawyer, you may take an action that later proves detrimental to your case, from signing documents and statements to admitting primary blame when only partially at fault.

Our team is waiting to assist

Soul Legal lawyers have decades of experience in this field. Let us help. We’ll make claiming as easy as possible, while ensuring you receive the maximum compensation available in your situation.

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